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Man Up A Tree

Creating visual theatre in interesting and unusual places, South African-born Ellis Pearson is expressing an environmental message with his latest production, Man Up A Tree. Commissioned and first performed in Swaziland at the Bush Fire Festival 2010, this curious show addresses climate change, re-greening and biodiversity. Ellis is joined by fellow South African Loyiso MacDonald, whose acting experience ranges from comedy, farce, drama and Shakespeare to outrageous physical theatre. He complements the diverse multi-skills of Ellis, a painter, actor, magician, juggler, mime, musician and director with a curious worldview. He has performed at festivals across North America, Europe, Scandinavia, South Korea, Singapore, India, Australia and New Zealand, and now lives in Australia.


Stans Cafe

Stan’s Cafe is a team of artists creating strikingly original new forms of theatre, working under artistic director James Yarker. Established in 1991 in Birmingham, the company has won plaudits for works that challenge theatre conventions, such as Canute The King staged in Edwardian swimming baths, and The Black Maze, a sensory art installation built in the back of a lorry. Its most ambitious work, Of All The People In All The World, uses accumulated grains of rice to illustrate the massive scale of human statistics. Bringing previously incomprehensible data to life, such as the amount of millionaires versus the number of refugees in the world, this work has been presented in 23 cities on three continents.


Earth Sculpture

The EARTH letters sculpture was created by Westley Tully, David Harding and Guy Botroff, and is constructed from salvaged and recycled Jarrah and Tasmanian Stingybark timbers from Brennan’s Wharf at Port Lincoln. Brennan’s Wharf was constructed in 1920 so that large quantities of super phosphate could be shipped in to turn marginal pastoral land around the state into fertilized land suitable for cropping and agriculture. The phosphate came in and grain went out, but the large scale clearing meant the degredation of the area. The EARTH letters offer an opportunity to recognise the significance of sustainability as well as the beauty of old.


Old Fella Story Tella sculpture – by Greg Johns

Greg has been working as a full-time sculptor for 35 years, completing major commissions in Australia and internationally, as well as exhibiting annually in solo and major group shows in Australia, New York, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In 2001 he acquired 400 acres of land at Palmer in SA to establish an independent sculpture landscape and address environmental issues.

This work is influenced by Greg’s reading of the Australian landscape: in this case, the rocky landscape of Palmer in the Adelaide Hills. On a 400 acre property there, over ten years he has been placing works which engage with the landscape. In this work, a figurative, frog-like form emerges from an abstract, circular shape – the form is influenced by the shapes of the large standing stones on the property.


APY Flags – by Better World Arts

A truly special ‘Outdoor Gallery’, exhibiting 60 painted flags by the artists from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjara (APY) Lands in the remote north-west corner of South Australia.

Twenty new flags have joined the outdoor gallery at earth Station The artworks explore a diverse range of tales, including ancient dreaming stories, landscapes, weather patterns, childhood memories living in the missions, batik designs and contemporary stories and visions.


Radio Adelaide

Radio Adelaide will be onsite over the Womad EARTH STATION weekend and are the official radio station for , recording a variety of musical performances and speaker panesl for a special national broadcast, which is to be aired nationally through the National Community Radio Network the weekend following the festival.

Situated within the Market Place and onsite for the entire festival, along with recording many sessions Radio Adelaide will also be interviewing a number of our speakers and artists appearing at the event and festival goers are invited to watch and enjoy as Radio Adelaide quiz and learn from some of the brightest musical and scientific minds our planet has to offer.

Radio Adelaide 101.5fm