For more than 30 years, San Francisco’s Kronos Quartet – with David Harrington and John Sherba on violins, Hank Dutt on viola and Jeffrey Zeigler on cello – have redefined the contemporary incarnation of a string quartet.
Toumani Diabaté stands tall at the crossroads of African music. He is Mali’s iconic kora player and with his band, they conjure joyous cross-cultural collaborations.
Having introduced Western ears to the pipa, a beautiful Chinese plucking instrument, US-based, Chinese-born musician Wu Man has collaborated on projects that give this ancient instrument fresh flight in contemporary music.
Melbourne producer/musician Jake Savona is the brain behind Australia’s most authentic embrace of roots reggae and dancehall music.
With an inescapable nod to Bob Dylan, this striking new songsmith from Dalarna in Sweden has captivated audiences around the world.
Konono No. 1's electro/traditional musical hybrid features instruments fashioned from items like pots and pans to car parts!
Under the direction of classical tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain, considered an architect of the contemporary world music movement, the Masters of Percussion achieve melodic and rhythmic innovation.
Rickie Lee's extensive career has seen her work with some of the industry's greatest stars. Her interpretation of jazz, elecontrica, trip-hop, country and many other genres have earnt her great acclaim.
For 25 years, the rich and intensive harmonies of Vika and Linda Bull’s glorious voices have shone as instantly recognisable musical signatures.
Respected as one of Indigenous Australia’s most compelling and brutally honest songwriters, Frank sings about the importance of country and respect for the old law, then tells the harsh truths of alcohol abuse, cultural degradation and imprisonment.
With her striking blond looks and sharp fashion sense, Paris Wells has cut a distinctive profile on Australia’s urban soul scene as she flirts with alternative pop and electro-soul with jazzy torch ballads added for good measure.
Ellis Pearon expresses his environmental message with his production of Man Up A Tree.
A piano prodigy from the age of seven, Abdullah Ibrahim has been a towering figure in South African jazz for the past 50 years.
Built around the smart songwriting of singer Taasha Coates and guitarist Tristan Goodall, The Audreys attracted attention soon after emerging from Adelaide in 2004, capturing a romantic embrace between bluegrass and pop.
Featuring her traditional language Gumbayngirr in poignant songs, Emma Donovan is acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest indigenous singer/songwriters.
Stan's Cafe "Of All The People In All The World" illustrate, using grains of rice, the massive scale of human statistics - an amazing spectacle!
A deep ocean between Scottish and Pacific island musical cultures has been bridged by Pacific Curls. Since 2006, Kim Halliday (of Rotuma Island descent), Sarah Beattie (Scottish) and Ora Barlow (Maori) have forged a seductive musical hybrid, overlaying a languid backbeat of Pacific rhythms and voices with vivacious Scottish highlands ...
Starting as a school band in Central Australia’s Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands, Iwantja has grown into a potent fusion of Aboriginal rock with desert reggae, heavy metal, sweet ballads and blues, fuelled by the raw, powerful guitar of young Jeremy Whiskey and Top End vocalist Stuart Gaykamangu.
This is a new strain of acoustic music, distilling American alt country through the filter of distinctly Australian experiences, conjuring ethereal and mysterious songs that stick in your memory.
From a studied jazz background, The catholics add the catchiness of pop music with infectious dance rhythms of the world and wild blowing.
Led by conductor Wang Fujian, the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra plays a crucial role in the continuing development of traditional Chinese music, performing on the zheng, dizi, erhu, pipa and other Chinese instruments seldom featured in the West.
Mark Atkins is a mesmerising master storyteller, as well as Australia’s finest and most internationally recognised didgeridoo player.
The Adelaide Chamber Singers will be providing the choir to accompany Kronos Quartet's 'Sun Rings' performance at the festival.
Two of Adelaide's greatest DJs will ensure the entertainment continues after the close of the official programming on Friday and Saturday nights.
Pamela has worked extensively in theatre in Melbourne and Sydney, as both an actress and a director. She has directed the Sydney Theatre Companies productions of IN THE NEXT ROOM or THE VIBRATOR PLAY, ELLING and THE SERPENT’S TEETH – CITIZENS and PORN. CAKE. for the Malthouse Theatre. As an ...
John has enjoyed an illustrious career in theatre that has spanned over 45 years. For Belvoir, he has appeared in The Wild Duck, Stuff Happens, The Fever, Waiting for Godot, The Unexpected Man, Cloudstreet, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Scandals and Belvoir’s first production, Signal Driver. Among John’s other extensive ...